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Hybrid construction with DELTABEAM® - Mass Timber Slabs

Hybrid construction with DELTABEAM®

Combining DELTABEAM® and Mass Timber Slabs offers an innovative structural solution in terms of sustainability, aesthetics, and interior flexibility.


A flat ceiling isn’t only visually pleasing, but it also makes HVAC installations easy and cost-efficient. A veneer can be added under the beam for aesthetic purposes.


DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure and its long spans allow you to create open spaces with grids of up to 25 x 35 feet. The long spans in both directions mean fewer columns are needed.


With DELTABEAM®, it’s easy to protect the timber structure from fire. The reinforcement inside the beam ensures integrated fireproofing, which offers additional time and cost savings.

Because DELTABEAM® comes with a built-in fireproofing system, it eliminates the need for on-site fireproofing. DELTABEAM® can also be used with wooden columns.


DELTABEAM® enables slim floors for multi-story buildings of any type and open spaces can be designed regardless of their architectural complexity. Each DELTABEAM® is uniquely designed and manufactured while the flawless fit and pre-designed, standardized connections make the structure extremely fast to erect. Choosing DELTABEAM® for your next building project means flexible layouts and more floors for a given height of a building.

Wood slabs compatible with DELTABEAM®

Reduced floor-to-floor height leads to overall lower building height or additional floor(s) for the same building height.

Beam embedded within the floor depth to allow for shallowest mass timber floor assembly.