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Peikko Group in 2014: Turnover MEUR 147.0, growth 16.6%

Peikko Group’s turnover in 2014 amounted to EUR 147.0 million (MEUR 126.1) and grew by 16.6 percent (11.7%). The operative gross sales/invoicing exceeded MEUR 150, which further highlights the volume growth. Profit before taxes was EUR 6.2 million (MEUR 3.6). Peikko Group´s equity ratio remained at a healthy level exceeding 40 percent.

Peikko Group





MEUR 147.0

MEUR 126.1


Profit before taxes (EBT)

MEUR 6.2

MEUR 3.6


Balance sheet total

MEUR 97.0

MEUR 88.0


Personnel, average




During 2014 Peikko started manufacturing operations in four new facilities in China, Finland, Lithuania, and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore Peikko acquired the German company KHK Verbindetechnik GmbH, and invested in expanding the production operations there. Peikko’s total investments amounted to EUR 7.0 million (MEUR 8.4).

In addition to extended manufacturing operations, Peikko started during 2014 a new sales office in Singapore, and set-up new legal entities for its sales teams in Hungary and India. All in all Peikko Group now has legal entities in 30 countries.

“To make estimates for the on-going year is right now challenging. We face e.g. volatility in some geographical markets, and changes in raw material pricing and currencies. Despite these challenges, Peikko believes in increasing sales volumes and better profitability in 2015” states Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.


Further information:
Topi Paananen, CEO, Peikko Group Corporation,
Mobile: +358 50 384 3001, email: [email protected]

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Peikko Group in brief:
Peikko Group Corporation is a leading global supplier of concrete connections and composite structures. Peikko’s innovative solutions make customers’ building processes faster, easier, and more reliable. Peikko has subsidiaries in 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, with manufacturing operations in 9 countries. Peikko’s turnover in 2014 was EUR 147 million. Peikko is a family-owned and run company that employs over 1200 professionals. Peikko was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Lahti, Finland. Further information: