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BESISTA® Rod System

BESISTA® Tension and Compression Rod Systems – for elegant, efficient bracing in buildings 

Introducing the BESISTA® Rod System by Peikko – the perfect solution for architects, engineers and builders looking to add a touch of modern elegance to their high-profile projects. 

With its award-winning design, BESISTA® sets the industry standard for efficient, safety and visually appealing bracing in load-bearing structures. From glazed atriums and roofs to curtain walls and bracing systems, BESISTA® provides a strong and lightweight solution that looks great from every angle.

Ideal for projects in high-traffic areas such as airport terminals, major stations, shopping centers, and showrooms, BESISTA® is designed to make a bold and lasting impression. Its patented system and special elements are available in the widest range of sizes, including tension rods, rod anchors, pins and locking rings, cover and extension sleeves, circular discs, angle and cross anchors, and couplers.

With its long rod lengths of up to 15 meters and extremely long adjustment lengths, BESISTA® is highly adaptable to suit any project's needs. Plus, its hot-dip galvanized zinc finish, including threading, ensures long-term protection against corrosion, providing added peace of mind for builders and architects alike.

And that's not all – BESISTA® is ETA approved, CE marked, and type tested, making it one of the most reliable and sustainable solutions on the market.


Choose BESISTA® for load-carrying connections that are both visually stunning and highly functional. Experience the difference of Peikko's cutting-edge technology and attention to detail – order your BESISTA® Rod System today.

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