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Investment Hongkou Siping Road project, China

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Shanghai's first ultra-low energy consumption building demonstration project of nearly 100 meters is located in Siping Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, with a land area of 12,584 square meters and a total construction area of 66,858.57 square meters.

The demonstration area of ultra-low energy consumption buildings is 35,978.17 square meters.

The integration ratio of external wall insulation and structure of the project & GT; 80%, prefabricated sandwich insulation external wall system is adopted in 5-32 layers, the thickness of insulation layer is 50mm, the thickness of inner blade plate is 250/200mm, and the thickness of outer blade plate is 55mm. Peikko's PDM100 connectors are selected. 

Project facts

Project size:
66,858 m2
Structural Engineer:
上海兴邦建设技术有限公司,Shanghai Xingbang Construction Technology Co., LTD
江苏德丰建设集团建筑科技有限公司,Jiangsu Defeng Construction Group Construction Technology Co. LTD
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