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Advantages of Using DELTABEAM® in Senior Housing

By Christine Millar

April, 3, 2023

DELTABEAM® offers advantages to developers seeking innovative ways to create high-quality housing for seniors.

The demand for senior housing continues to rise as the population ages. One of the most significant advantages in senior housing construction is the ability to adapt space to meet resident needs while maintaining structural integrity. By combining steel and concrete, DELTABEAM® allows for larger open spaces and fewer structural components.

Let's look in more detail at some of the key advantages of using DELTABEAM® in senior housing projects:

Increased Flexibility

DELTABEAM® is incredibly flexible, which means it can be used in a variety of senior housing designs. This flexibility allows for more open spaces and larger common areas, making it easier for senior living residents to move around and socialize. Additionally, the DELTABEAM® system can be used in a variety of different building heights, making it ideal for both low-rise and high-rise senior living developments.

Reduced Construction Time

One of the most significant advantages of using DELTABEAM® in senior housing projects is the reduced construction time. Since DELTABEAM® components are prefabricated offsite, this significantly reduces the amount of time spent on construction and that reduction in construction time ensures senior living residents can move in quickly, minimizing the time they may spend in temporary housing.

More Savings

Because the DELTABEAM® system requires a smaller labor force (only 5 people are needed to put up the structure) and less structural components, this means that the overall cost of the project can also be significantly reduced. Additionally, the reduced construction schedule lowers labor costs and minimizes equipment rental time. These cost savings can be passed on to senior living residents, making senior housing more affordable for those who need it.

Improved Fire Safety

DELTABEAM®is designed to provide excellent fire protection. Since the system is made from reinforced concrete and steel, no additional fire-proofing is required. This not only reduces the overall cost further but also helps to ensure the safety of senior housing developments while providing peace of mind for residents.

Increased Sound Insulation When Used with Hollow-Core Slabs

when used in conjunction with hollow-core slabs, DELTABEAM® can provide superior sound insulation, making it an ideal choice for senior living developments. The combination of hollow-core and DELTABEAM® reduces the amount of sound transmission between floors and units, providing a quieter and more peaceful living environment for residents.

The increased flexibility, reduced construction time, lower costs, improved fire safety, and increased sound insulation make DELTABEAM® an ideal choice for developers looking to create high-quality senior living communities. With the demand for senior housing on the rise, using the DELTABEAM® system is a smart investment that benefits both developers and senior living residents.

Christine Millar

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Peikko Canada Inc.

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