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Maximizing Efficiency in Podium Style Construction With DELTABEAM®

By Christine Millar

May, 31, 2023

By taking advantage of DELTABEAM® Composite Beam's benefits in podium construction, developers and designers can optimize space utilization, accelerate construction timelines and achieve design flexibility.

Podium-style construction refers to a building design that combines multiple levels of parking, commercial, or other functional spaces at the lower levels, with residential or office floors situated above. This design approach has gained popularity in urban areas where land scarcity and zoning regulations pose challenges for developers. By incorporating parking or commercial spaces at the base, podium construction maximizes land use efficiency while providing convenient access to amenities for residents or office occupants.


Structural Efficiency

Podium-style construction requires a robust and efficient structural system to support the varied load requirements of different levels. DELTABEAM® Composite Beam's unique composite design makes it an ideal choice for this construction method. By combining steel and concrete, DELTABEAM® achieves high strength and stiffness while minimizing beam depth. This allows for increased floor-to-ceiling heights, which is particularly crucial in podium construction where commercial or parking spaces require higher ceilings. DELTABEAM® Composite Beam's shallow profile optimizes space utilization and allows for more efficient design layouts.


Speed of Construction

Time is often a critical factor in construction projects, and podium construction is no exception. DELTABEAM® Composite Beam's prefabricated nature significantly accelerates construction timelines. The beams are manufactured off-site with high precision, ensuring consistent quality. Once delivered to the construction site, DELTABEAM® Composite Beam's lightweight and easy installation process reduces labor requirements and the need for traditional formwork. This streamlined construction process leads to shorter project durations, allowing developers to complete buildings faster and generate returns on their investments sooner.


Design Flexibility

Podium construction often demands design flexibility to accommodate diverse functional spaces. DELTABEAM® Composite Beam's versatility allows for wide-open floor plans, increased spans, and reduced columns, providing architects and designers with greater freedom in shaping the building's interior. The beam's adaptability enables the creation of adaptable spaces that can be easily reconfigured or repurposed in response to changing needs or tenant requirements.

By taking advantage of DELTABEAM® Composite Beam’s benefits in podium-style construction, developers and designers can optimize space utilization, accelerate construction timelines, achieve design flexibility, and enhance the structural integrity of the building. This innovative construction method paves the way for efficient and functional urban environments that meet the evolving needs of modern cities.

Christine Millar

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Peikko Canada Inc.