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DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure for open spaces

DELTABEAM® technical information

DELTABEAM® is designed to be used as a structural element combined with all general concrete slab types: hollow-core slab, filigran slabs, composite steel decking, trapezoidal steel decking slabs, and cast-in-place concrete slabs. It enables the usage of shallow element structures and strengthens the frame structure inside the slab.

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure is fire-rated up to 4 hours without any additional fireproofing material.




Top Left Corner (green): DELTABEAM® Span (ft) with 50 psf Live Load

Bottom Right Corner (blue): DELTABEAM® Span (ft) with 100 psf Live Load

2” Topping and 30 psf miscellaneous superimposed dead load assumed for all cases.

Values in table also valid for long span metal deck. Refer to long span metal deck manufacturer for limitations.

Detailed technical information

Comprehensive product information and detailed information on product characteristics, resistances and required operating conditions are available on product’s Technical Manual.