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ROOCO® Column Shoe — Reliable Bolted Column Connections

ROOCO® Column Shoes provide a dependable and economical solution for connecting timber columns to foundations, other timber columns or DELTABEAM® Composite Beams. These construction products create a moment-resisting connection that is strong and durable.

To use ROOCO® Column Shoes, simply glue the rods inside the timber column and attach the column shoes with nuts. Anchor bolts are cast into the foundation for connections to the foundation. This straightforward process creates a connection that you can rely on, even in challenging conditions. Whether you're building a new structure or making repairs to an existing one, ROOCO® Column Shoes are the perfect solution for your column connection needs. Order your ROOCO® Column Shoes today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and cost-effective connection solution.

ROOCO® Column Shoe


Detailed technical information

Comprehensive product information and detailed information on product characteristics, resistances and required operating conditions are available on product’s Technical Manual.