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SUMO® Wall Shoe — For Bolted Wall Connections

SUMO® Wall Shoes are used to create cost-effective tensile connections between precast concrete walls and foundations or between precast concrete walls. SUMO® Wall Shoes are used together with HPM® and PPM® Anchor Bolt types with specially designed AL washers. 

SUMO® Wall Shoes are connecting items designed for tension splices of wall precast elements. Among other applications, wall shoes are used in the stiffening structures of buildings, such as core walls and elevator shafts. The loads are transferred from walls to foundations or other load-bearing structures through wall shoes, anchor bolts and wall reinforcements. SUMO® Wall Shoes are available in several standard models to suit most precast concrete wall connections.

The system consists of wall shoes and anchor bolts. Wall shoes are cast into precast concrete walls, whereas anchor bolts are cast into foundations or other walls. On site, the walls are erected on adjusted shim plates in the correct position and fixed to the anchor bolts with nuts and special AL washers as bolt connection. Precast concrete wall connections are finalized by grouting the recesses and joints underneath the wall. 

Technical Manual

SUMO® Wall Shoe, Technical Manual, 08/2016

SUMO® Wall Shoe


Detailed technical information

Comprehensive product information and detailed information on product characteristics, resistances and required operating conditions are available on product’s Technical Manual.


Technical Manual

SUMO® Wall Shoe, Technical Manual, 08/2016

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